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Friday, 21 November, 02:51

The Local - 30 okt 13 kl. 18:38

Swedish firms 'help Georgia spy on its citizens'

Technologies supplied by Swedish telecom firms Ericsson and TeliaSonera are helping authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia spy on their citizens, according to Swedish media reports..
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The Local - 06 nov 14 kl. 08:02

Swedish firms in ‘fairyland’ tax deals

Major Swedish companies including Ikea, Tele2 and SEB have secured secret tax deals from Luxembourg in order to save hundreds of billions of kronor, it has been claimed..

The Local - 07 mar 14 kl. 11:14

'Swedish firms less equal than Saudis': biz daily

Sweden's premier business daily on Friday noted that many Swedish companies were less gender equal than the Saudi Arabian parliament, and said introducing quotas could mark a generational shift..

DN - 05 maj 14 kl. 23:58

En skottskadad på skola i Georgia

En person har gripits efter det att en elev skottskadats på en skola i Augusta i Georgia i USA på måndagen. Det var den andra händelsen med vapen inblandat på en skola i Georgia på ett dygn..

EU-Parlamentet - 15 jan 14 kl. 14:30

Press release - MEPs back tool to help EU firms compete for public contracts in third countries

Plenary sessions : Plans for a tool to allow EU countries to prevent non-EU firms from bidding for public procurement contracts worth €5 million or more unless their home countries reciprocate by allowing EU firms to do likewise were approved by Parliament on Wednesday.

Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP.

The Local - 02 nov 14 kl. 12:58

IT firms follow Facebook to Sweden's icy north

A slew of global IT firms are planning to follow Facebook's build data centres around chilly Luleå in Sweden's far north while local politicians warn that high electricity taxes threaten the development..

The Local - 26 jun 14 kl. 09:54

World Cup boost sales for gaming firms

The unpredictable results of the 2014 World Cup have been good news for the Swedish gaming industry, with sales increasing by 50 percent compared to 12 months ago..

The Local - 07 nov 14 kl. 07:44

Finance Minister calls for tax law review

Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson is calling for a review of tax laws in Sweden and the EU after claims that Swedish companies are among hundreds of international firms that have secured secret tax deals in Luxembourg..

The Local - 11 nov 13 kl. 07:38

'No venture capital in Sweden's care sector': Liberals

Liberal Party leaders want to ban venture captial firms from operating in the Swedish health care sector, party head Jan Björklund said on Sunday, urging the importance of "long-term" owners..

EU-Parlamentet - 04 feb 14 kl. 12:30

Press release - Hassle-free movement: MEPs back plans to cut red tape for citizens and firms

Plenary sessions : Citizens and firms moving to another EU country would face less red tape under a draft law passed by Parliament on Tuesday. But this law, which would simplify procedures for proving the authenticity of certain public documents such as birth or marriage certificates, still needs to be approved by EU member states.

Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP.

EU-Parlamentet - 11 feb 14 kl. 12:38

Press release - Easier for small firms and citizens to recover debts across borders - Committee on Legal Affairs

Firms or citizens recovering debts across EU borders could be able to get the debtor's bank account frozen under a draft law agreed with Council and endorsed by legal affairs MEPs on Tuesday. The European Account Preservation Order (EAPO) should be quicker and cheaper to use than national proceedings. The EP amended the proposal to prevent abuse and safeguard alleged debtors.

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The Local - 9 timmar sedan

1.6 million Swedes reeled in by fishing

Fishing is one of Sweden's most popular hobbies in 2014, according to 'surprize' new figures released by Statistics Sweden..

The Local - 14 timmar sedan

'Wild' expats wanted for Nordic TV series

People who have moved from the UK to remote corners of Scandinavia are set to appear in a new television series being filmed in 2015..

The Local - 12 timmar sedan

Wanted for TV doc: UK expats in Nordics

Have you and your family moved to a snowy wildscape in Scandinavia and set up eco-friendly home? If so, a British film production company would like to hear from you..

The Local - 13 timmar sedan

Assange awaits Sweden appeal court verdict

A Swedish appeals court is about to rule on whether to uphold an arrest order for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who is wanted for questioning over alleged sex crimes..

The Local - 15 timmar sedan

Phone 'contracts' scrapped by Sweden's Tele2

One of Sweden's biggest mobile companies is scrapping long term call and data contracts for customers as part of what it says is the biggest change in the Swedish telecoms industry for 20 years..

The Local - 16 timmar sedan

Large nursing shortages in southern Sweden

There are over 130 vacant nursing positions at Skåne University Hospital, leading to a shortage of beds for patients..

The Local - 17 timmar sedan

Half of young Swedes are in temporary jobs

Under 25s in Sweden are increasingly being given fixed term contracts rather than permanent roles, according to new figures seen by Sweden's Trade Union Confederation, LO..

The Local - 18 timmar sedan

Man fined after filming kids in bathroom

A 47-year-old Swedish man who set up a camera in his own bathroom to film children using the toilet has been hit with a suspended sentence and a fine of over 20,000 kronor..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

Swedish PM has 'successful' Clinton talks

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven enjoyed a positive meeting with Hillary Clinton in New York discussing topics including the Ukraine crisis and feminism, on the first day of his state visit to the US..

The Local - 19 timmar sedan

Sweden suspend NBA star over assault charge

The Swedish basketball federation has slapped a one-year ban on suspended basketball player Jeffery Taylor with the Charlotte Hornets forward at the centre of a probe into a domestic assault charge..

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