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Nyheter om Egyptian

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Nyhetsverket - 29 jan 11 kl. 02:10

Killing Egyptian protesters ... please HELP!!!

For all Egyptians and Arab,for all active human rights members. Egyptian government disconnected the Internet network from all Egypt to use the worst ways of violence against Egyptian protesters please don't stand and watch. Spread this page to your friends copy and paste the form inside and send to your country newspaper or your friends we want them to know they cant hide the truth thanks http://www.

The Local - 20 dec 12 kl. 16:08

Egyptian striptivist fights sharia in Stockholm

Egyptian striptivist Aliaa al-Mahdy chose Sweden for her latest feminist protest as she bared all outside her country's embassy in Stockholm despite sub-zero temperatures..

EU-Parlamentet - 31 mar 14 kl. 16:31

Press release - MEPs to quiz Egyptian foreign minister over sentencing of 529 Muslim Brothers - Committee on Foreign Affairs

The recent mass sentencing of 529 Muslim Brothers to death, the run-up to the 26-27 May presidential elections and continuing concerns over the democratic transition and the human rights situation in Egypt will be raised by the foreign affairs committee with the Egyptian foreign minister, Nabil Fahmi, on Tuesday in a debate starting at 10.30.
Committee on Foreign Affairs

Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP.

Världen Idag - 16 aug 13 kl. 10:44

Här attackeras Egyptens kristna

View Egyptian Churches attacked in a larger map.

Sydsvenskan - 29 jun 12 kl. 23:14

Folkets röst i Kairo

The Local - 17 nov 12 kl. 12:25

Swedish technology solves mummy mystery

A virtual post mortem has revealed that the Gebelein Man, a 5,500-year-old Egyptian mummy, was probably stabbed in the back with a sharp weapon..

Världen Idag - 16 aug 13 kl. 10:44

Här attackeras Egyptens kristna befolkning

Klicka på de blå kartnålarna för att få utförligare information.Källa: Watani International; Amira MIkhail; Rayna Stamboliyska  View Egyptian Churches attacked in a larger map.

The Local - 11 feb 11 kl. 20:42

Sweden welcomes Mubarak's resignation

Swedish political leaders expressed a mix of hope and uncertainty following the announcement Friday evening that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak had resigned his post..

The Local - 31 jan 11 kl. 12:01

Swedish tourist in Egyptian prison nightmare

A 22-year-old man from southern Sweden was arrested while on vacation in Egypt, but managed to escape from the jail when it caught fire. Two Swedish journalists were also detained in the chaos..

The Local - 29 jan 11 kl. 07:32

Sweden issues Cairo travel warning

Sweden on Friday recommended its citizens to avoid the Egyptian capital Cairo as unrest continued..

The Local - 31 jan 11 kl. 08:58

Repatriation of Swedes from Egypt delayed

Swedish tour operator Ving Group will likely begin flying home Swedes from Egyptian tourist resorts Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada on Monday, according to the company..

The Local - 10 feb 11 kl. 15:15

Web activists to get more Swedish aid: minister

Sweden's minister for development cooperation has pledged to increase aid for social media and technical systems to prevent repressive regimes from shutting off the internet, such as the Egyptian government's measures last week..

The Local - 01 feb 11 kl. 11:38

Foreign office on hand to aid stranded Swedes

Sweden's foreign ministry has set up a desk at Cairo airport to help Swedish travellers seeking to find a way home amid ongoing chaotic scenes in the Egyptian capital..

SvD - 09 jul 15 kl. 13:45

Extatisk dervischdans blir publik i Kairo

Den virvlande dervischdansen har sina rötter i sufismen, ett samlingsnamn för den andliga delen av islam. Se fotografen Amr Nabils bildreportage från Kairo om dansgruppen Al-Tannoura Egyptian heritage dance troupe..

The Local - 16 dec 14 kl. 10:53

Why it's time to celebrate Sweden's diverse identity

Sweden will never eliminate cultural differences by trying to deny they exist or avoiding discussing them. Now, more than ever, Swedes must embrace them instead, argues Norhan Elhakeem, a Stockholm-based Canadian journalist with Egyptian blood..

The Local - 04 jul 12 kl. 13:21

CIA terror deportee given residency in Sweden

Egyptian national Ahmed Agiza, who was flown out of Sweden to Egypt by the CIA in 2001 where he was imprisoned until 2011, has been granted permanent residency in Sweden..

The Local - 07 jan 15 kl. 06:30

Swedes find rare wall sculptures in Egypt

A team of Swedish archaeologists has discovered a rare 2,500-year-old wall relief depicting two pharaonic deities south of Cairo, Egyptian officials said on Tuesday..

SR - 29 jul 13 kl. 16:00

Nytt poddradioavsnitt - 29th July 2013

As Sweden`s Foreign Minister hits out at Russia and has a spat with the Egyptian Ambassador on Twitter, just how official are government social media accounts? Germany beat Norway to become European Football Champions, but was the real winner of the tournament Women`s Football? And we take you to another ....

The Local - 28 jul 13 kl. 11:19

Bildt in Twitter row over Egyptian violence

The Swedish foreign minister has clashed on Twitter with Egypt's ambassador to Sweden, after the diplomat said Carl Bildt did not seem to understand the recent spate of violence in Cairo and that Swedish police also shoot innocents.    .

SR - 15 aug 13 kl. 16:12

Ny publicering - No aid for political groups that welcome violence

Radio Sweden asked Jon Hedenström, responsible for Egypt at the development agency Sida, why Sweden is still sending money to Egypt. His answer is that Sweden is supporting democracy movements, rather than the Egyptian state. But he says that if any of their partner organisations supported the violence, ....

NSD - 01 apr 13 kl. 16:20

Kris drabbar Kairos flygplats

Kairos internationella flygplats kommer att delvis hålla stängt nattetid på grund av det minskade antalet flygningar och för att spara energi, enligt ett uttalande från ministern för civilflyg. Beslutet kan ses som "en ärlig återspegling av den allt sämre ekonomiska situationen i Egypten", lyder omdömet på tidningen The Egyptian Gazettes ledarsida..

Cornucopia - 28 apr 15 kl. 11:11

Förbereder Egypten en invasion av Libyen?

Ta det för vad det är, men israeliska DEBKAfile, spekulerar i att Egypten kommer skala upp sina angrepp mot IS i Libyen. Man skriver nu att en egyptisk invasion av grannlandet kan vara närstående, då Egypten samlar trupper vid gränsen.

Med start den 16:e februari, efter att IS i Libyen avrättat 21 kristna egyptiska kopter, inledde Egypten bombningar av grannlandet, där IS håller på att etablera sig.

Expressen - 25 jun 14 kl. 12:05

It is not a crime to report from a revolution

Dear Ambassador, Three journalists from the al-Jazira TV company were last Monday sentenced by an Egyptian Court of Law to between seven and ten years of imprisonment. The three journalists, Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were arrested shortly before the end of last year. According to the prosecutor they had spread ""false news"" concerning the protests in Egypt last summer..

E24 - 15 feb 11 kl. 16:27

Reflections on the revolution in Egypt

Wael Ghonim has been appointed by the US media as the face of the Egyptian revolution. Younger than Mohamed ElBaradei, less scary than the Muslim Brotherhood, articulate in English, married to an American and an employee of Google, Mr Ghonim is the perfect figure to sell the romance of the revolution to a western audience. As the administrator of the Facebook page that first drew demonstrators to Tahrir Square, he was imprisoned for a spell, until emerging from captivity in time to articulate the frustrations of young Egyptians..

Newsmill - 10 jul 11 kl. 16:49

The role of Social Media during the Egyptian Revolution

On the streets of Cairo vendors sell T-shirts with the slogan "Freedom Facebook" to the few tourists who have found their way back to Egypt, and in the West so-called social media experts discuss to what degree this medium may have influenced the country's revolution. But who has actually asked the people themselves, the organizers of the protests, how much of their success they actually attribute to the social media giant? And to what degree does their use of social media correspond with the theories of the social media pundits?.

Världen Idag - 30 aug 13 kl. 00:00

SEA manar till bön för Egypten

"Stand with Egyptian Christi­ans" står det på knappen, som pryds av ett koptiskt kors. Märket har tagits fram av Jacob Rudolfsson, samordnare på SEA, och används av hittills 42 personer. Både SEA och dess internationella motsvarighet World evangelical alliance uppmanar till bön för kristna i Egypten och andra delar av Mellan­östern.

Sydsvenskan - 28 apr 11 kl. 08:36

Tillbaka till Tahrirtorget

Fackligt aktiva har trffats p den nybildade och fria landsorganisationen Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Union, EFITU, fr att planera frsta maj. Den A4-stora mobiliseringsaffischen som skickas runt bordet r illustrerad med en knuten nve som hller i en skiftnyckel. Den kallar till demonstration den frsta maj p Tahrirtorget.

BT - 28 nov 13 kl. 14:44

Uppror mot ny lag i Egypten

I Egypten fortsätter demonstrationerna mot den nya protestlag som regeringen presenterade i söndags. Ett åttiotal demonstranter har gripits och arresteringsorder har utfärdats för två av de mest kända aktivisterna. - Att gripa Ahmed Maher och Alaa Abd El Fattah är ett angrepp på hela den egyptiska revolutionen.

Sydsvenskan - 27 feb 11 kl. 06:30

Frn Kairo till Professorsstaden

Tahrirtorget r Egyptens nya konstscen. Mona Abaza, sociolog och gstprofessor i Lund, var p plats i Kairo och sg humorn och dansen i protesterna mot Mubarak. Nu slpper hon en bok om Egyptens konstmarknad.

Sydsvenskan - 02 feb 11 kl. 00:05

Brdraskapet samlar sig

"Islam r lsningen" lyder Muslimska brdraskapets paroll. Men brdraskapet utgr inte lsningen p Egyptens problem, snarare fortsttningen.
Runt om i Egypten fortsatte igr protesterna och demonstrationerna.

SVT Debatt - 26 aug 13 kl. 05:04

Väntar en ny kristallnatt för Egyptens kristna?

EGYPTEN Sedan Mohammed Mursi och Muslimska brödraskapet fråntogs regeringsmakten i Egypten har mer än 70 kyrkor vandaliserats av Mursis anhängare. Den kristna koptiska minoriteten har utsetts till syndabockar av islamisterna ? präster har lynchats och nunnor marscherats som krigsfångar genom Kairos gator.

SVT Debatt - 26 aug 13 kl. 05:04

Väntar en ny kristallnatt för Egyptens kopter?

EGYPTEN Sedan Mohammed Mursi och Muslimska brödraskapet fråntogs regeringsmakten i Egypten har mer än 70 kyrkor vandaliserats av Mursis anhängare. Den kristna koptiska minoriteten har utsetts till syndabockar av islamisterna ? präster har lynchats och nunnor marscherats som krigsfångar genom Kairos gator.

Sydsvenskan - 26 feb 12 kl. 11:21

"Jag blev yngre och argare fr varje dag"

Foto: David Polberger
Bland de tltande ungdomarna p Tahrirtorget stack en 80-rig kvinna ut. Hon har kmpat mot frtryck i hela sitt liv och blir mer kontroversiell med ldern. Matilda Gustavsson har beskt frfattaren Nawal El Saadawi i hennes hem i Kairo.

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